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Welcome to the Tiger Torch Ltd. website.

Tiger Torch Ltd. is the manufacturer and seller of the original Tiger Torch® brand propane and natural gas torches. Tiger Torch is renowned for its line of high quality CSA approved propane and natural gas torches and accessories. Propane and natural gas torches are excellent tools with numerous uses, especially during the cold winters in North America, and Tiger Torch has products that will fit your needs. We have been in business for decades, working to provide excellent products that you can have confidence in.

Tiger Torch® is a registered trademark, Registration Number TMA1 045 259.

Hundreds of Applications

Our torches have a multitude of different applications, ranging from simple fire lighting to industrial and commercial use.
Some common applications include:

  • Thaw frozen pipes and valves
  • Preheat steel and pipe for welding
  • Preheat engines for start-up in cold weather
  • Heating shrink sleeves on pipe and cables
  • Heating for all roofing applications
  • Burn weeds, brush stands, and grass on fence lines
  • Heating pots, kettles, water tanks and branding irons
  • Melt ice and snow off non-flammable surfaces
  • Lighting flare pits and stacks
  • Starting charcoal for a BBQ or wood for campfires
  • Any other application requiring intense heat


We are an underground water repair company. We have just bought another one of your torches and it is always In our service truck for these Alberta winters. Thanks for making such awesome products.

Cory Siebert, Konda Underground Solutions Ltd.
January 2024

Well, I'm a welder , and have been for 28 years or so , and have used your torches all the while!

Cam Hildebrand, Cam's Welding Service
March 2020

Your products are great and have served us very well over the last 38 years of production in all types of manufacture and repairs service !!

Ron Keetley - KC Welding and Design
March 2020